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Discussion and Research on the Development Status and Future Development Strategy of Chinese Drama Education

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.031


Yidan Ren, Xinxin Yang, Guohao Chen, Tingyu Shi, Yuchen Lu

Corresponding Author

Yidan Ren


As Chinese society continues to develop, education is gradually progressing, wherein drama education development is getting faster and faster, and the thinking of "emphasizing intellectual education and neglecting aesthetic education" is gradually changing. At the same time, some students and parents choose a shortcut to further education, the attention of schools and parents is constantly increasing, and thus, the pressure of competition in drama education is increasing. The comprehensive development of students is inseparable from drama education. Under the influence of this background, colleges and universities gradually begin to develop drama education. College teachers should keep up with the times in drama education, optimize the curriculum of drama education through diversified methods and increase the communication of drama education between teachers and students through diversified forms. Integrating drama education into students' daily life has a very important impact on shaping students' sentiment and improving students' aesthetic literacy. From this we can see that the development of drama education is very important. This article mainly focuses on the current status of the development of Chinese drama education and explore and research future development strategies.


Current situation of drama education, College quality education, Drama education concept, Drama education development approach