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Strategies and Effectiveness for Cultivating Global Competence of Engineering College Students under the Internationalization of Engineering Education

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.026


Li Qianmei, Zeng Ruiyun, Liu Yiwei

Corresponding Author

Li Qianmei


Based on the similarities between graduate outcomes described in “Criteria for Engineering Education Accreditation” and global competence defined in “PISA 2018 Global Competence Framework”, this study proposed three strategies for cultivating global competence of engineering college students under the internationalization of engineering education: constructing a three-dimensional assessment framework of global competence, namely knowledge, skills, and attitude, establishing a three-dimensional educational system for cultivating global competence, namely curricular teaching, extracurricular activities and international communication, and building multi-modal teaching resources for cultivating global competence. The effectiveness was tested through a year of experiment and the finding showed that there were significant improvements in the students’ global competence.


The Internationalization of Engineering Education, Engineering College Students, Global Competence