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Analysis on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of College Students under the New Media Represented by WeChat Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.024


Hehua Qiu

Corresponding Author

Hehua Qiu


With the advent of new media era, a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities are booming, leading more and more people to participate in the wave of entrepreneurship. It is of great significance for college students to master professional knowledge, while having a good understanding of new media technology is not supposed to be neglected as well. It is definitely certain that universities should find out efficient methods to provide assistance to students who are inclined to be creative and make progress in entrepreneurship. This article mainly aims to analyze the current new media technology status and features represented by WeChat, demonstrates drawbacks of innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students under the new media environment, and put forward some approaches which can be effective for practical reference in the field of college innovation and entrepreneurship education.


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, WeChat platform, College students