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A study on the Criterion-related Validity of Final Exam of College English

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.021


Haizhen Zhao

Corresponding Author

Haizhen Zhao


A quantitative method is adopted in the study to evaluate the criterion-related validity of final exam of English administered in Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Taking the CET-4 as a valid criterion, the author measured the normal distribution, difficulty, degree of differentiation and correlation between the final exam and CET-4. The result shows good criterion-related validity of the final exam. It indicates that the final exam is of good validity and can effectively evaluate students’ English proficiency and therefore provide scientific basis for improving English teaching. At the same time, it is not sufficient to confirm the validity of a test only based on the correlation with CET-4. The construct validity and content validity of the final exam need to be further verified.


Criterion-related validity, Validation, Final exam, CET-4