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Exploring the Teaching Path of "Project Teaching Method" in College Design Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.016


Yan Liu, Haichao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


The construction of the foundation and platform of design courses in colleges and universities needs to persist in exploring a path of innovative development. Cultivating innovative and applied talents for society needs to find an education model that is suitable for current talents in college education. Based on the current education status of design majors, this article analyses and redesigns the teaching links around the theoretical system of project teaching methods, and creates a good industry-university-research development path. Design integration from the education system, curriculum settings, and effect evaluation is better to improve the training mode for design professionals in colleges and universities, thus gradually improving students' design abilities and overall ideological quality, and cultivating innovative design talents that meet the needs of contemporary society.


Design education, Project teaching, Innovation integration