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Survey on the Relationship between Social Network and Government Trust

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.014


Jingnan Li, Yanru Wang and Ruishuang Lin

Corresponding Author

Jingnan Li


At present, scholars have made a lot of detailed researches on social network and government trust as well as the use of social network to study government trust. First, from the perspective of social network research, there have been many controversies in the academic circles about its connotation, which is mainly divided into two aspects: functional meaning and structural meaning. Nowadays, the academic understanding of social network is mainly spread out from these two levels. Secondly, from the perspective of government trust research, there are some problems in the field of localization research, especially in the introduction and review of western government trust theory and there is no localization research theory. Empirical research focuses on the analysis of government trust of certain groups. Thirdly, from the perspective of the relationship between social networks and government trust, most people hold different views that different social networks will lead to different government trust. Domestic scholars mostly focus on urban residents and rural residents, and study on social network and government trust of specific groups is less.


Social Network, Government Trust, Research Summary