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Research on the Cultivation of CNC Carving Talents under the Background of “Eastern Integration”

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.011


Ruiling Zeng

Corresponding Author

Ruiling Zeng


Guangxi’s “Eastern integration” strategy has put forward a new direction for the vocational training of higher education talents in Guangxi. Strengthening the cultivation of numerical control carving talents in Guangxi can not only improve the overall level of vocational training, but also provide more excellent practical talents for local areas and inject vitality into the local economic development. “Eastern integration” background provides a new opportunity for the cultivation of CNC carving talents in Hezhou, Guangxi. The cultivation of talents needs to be continuously improved from the aspects of education system, professional curriculum and school-enterprise cooperation, so as to cultivate more high-tech and high-level skilled talents for Guangxi and effectively improve the professional ability of CNC carving talents. Based on “Eastern integration”, this paper discusses how to take effective measures to improve the quality of CNC carving talents.


Eastern Integration, CNC carving, Talent cultivation, Vocational education