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Discussion on the Reform of Classroom Teaching Mode Based on Information Teaching Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.009


Wei Cong, Hongkun Yu, Jing Liu

Corresponding Author

Wei Cong


Classroom teaching is the main way to cultivate students and spread knowledge. The deep integration of information and teaching has injected new impetus into the reform of classroom teaching mode. This article firstly expounds the necessity of the reform of the classroom teaching mode and clarifies the purpose and significance of the reform. Secondly it analyses the characteristics of the current information teaching platform which provides the basis for rational use. Finally, it expounds the reform of the classroom teaching by using the information teaching platform from three aspects: the formulation of the evaluation standard of the classroom teaching, the comprehensive application of the information teaching platform and the improvement of the data-based teaching process evaluation. The experience and practice can provide reference for the reform of similar classroom teaching mode.


Information teaching platform, Classroom teaching mode, Reform and practice, Teaching software