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Reflection on the Teaching Reform of the Course Introduction to Chinese Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.007


Jin'e Lv

Corresponding Author

Jin'e Lv


Cultural inheritance is carried out to build cultural confidence, which is the spiritual pillar of national independence and national development. It is necessary for contemporary college students, the important cultural inheritors and disseminators, to understand the traditional Chinese culture. In view of the limited class hours, complex contents in the course of Introduction to Chinese Culture and different characteristics of students in our university, we adopt the "intensive lecture + case" teaching mode, combine theory with practice and integrate the ideological and political education contents of the course. Aiming to make students master the framework system of traditional Chinese culture, we can fully mobilize the students' subjective initiative, and guide them analyze and solve problems with the learned knowledge and build the sense of cultural confidence by the teaching mode, so as to improve the teaching effect to the greatest extent.


Introduction to Chinese Culture, "Intensive teaching + case" teaching, Ideological and political education of course, Cultural inheritance