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Research on Factors Influencing Teachers' Professional Development in Local Undergraduate Colleges in New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/isaete.2020.004


Chunmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Chunmei Wang


With the continuous acceleration of economic development and industrial upgrading, the construction of teaching staff in colleges has become an important task in the construction of a great country in higher education in new era. Teachers' teaching level and scientific research ability directly affect the colleges development. As the main force in the training of applied talents, the professional development of teachers directly affects the training quality of applied talents. With investigation and questionnaire, this article collected the current situation of teachers' professional development in local undergraduate colleges in new era, and analyzed the factors influencing teachers' professional development from three aspects of teachers, colleges and society, so as to promote teachers' professional development and personnel training quality.


New era, Teachers' professional development, Influence factors