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An Analysis on the Construction of Ecological Civilization from the Perspective of Shanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.027


Mengqi Liu

Corresponding Author

Mengqi Liu


Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, China has expounded the significance of strengthening ecological civilization construction and has clearly put forward the important principles that must be adhered to in strengthening ecological progress. At the same time, China has made comprehensive arrangements to strengthen ecological and environmental protection and fight against pollution. These measures have great practical significance to promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new level and promote the transformation and development of China's ecological industry. Based on the development of resource-based cities in Shanxi, this paper focuses on the comprehensive analysis of ecological civilization construction and development methods based on the development status of Shanxi. Firstly, the basic concept and classification system of ecological civilization are analyzed; Secondly, this paper systematically analyzes and summarizes the development cases in key cities of Shanxi, so as to get the development status and existing problems of ecological civilization construction in Shanxi; Finally, based on the problems, this paper explores the specific development suggestions and countermeasures of ecological civilization construction in Shanxi.


Ecological civilization, The development of Shanxi, Methods analysis