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Research on the Development of Beijing Multi-Energy Complementary Energy System

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.026


Fu Jiaxin, Liu Yingqi

Corresponding Author

Liu Yingqi


Under the new situation, China's energy security supply is not the focus and main contradiction of energy development. Energy Internet and energy storage technologies are developing continuously. New energy micro-grids and electric vehicles are on the rise. The structural reform of energy supply side continues to deepen. , creating conditions for the efficient use of energy intelligence. This paper starts with the investigation of the status quo of Beijing multi-energy complementary projects, starting from the problems in project approval procedures, implementation and operation, and analyzing the existing national and local multi-energy complementary policies, combined with Beijing multi-energy complementary projects. The actual situation of the development and the problems that have arisen, and put forward relevant policy recommendations suitable for the development of Beijing's multi-energy complementary system.


Multi-Energy Complementation, Combined Heat and Power Supply, Energy System, Energy Development