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Analysis of Water Treatment of Petroleum-Contaminated Water

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.025


Yue Haipeng

Corresponding Author

Yue Haipeng


With the rapid development of science and technology, China ’s current demand for petroleum energy is very large. Not only is the amount of oil extracted in different regions of China large, but also due to the development of science and technology, petroleum is one of the common energy sources and its quality And the use of effects can help society continue to develop. By analyzing the current situation in oil extraction, it is in a sustainable development situation. In this case, the treatment of petroleum-contaminated water sources is very critical. Because petroleum-contaminated water sources will cause great harm to human development and environmental protection, how to effectively treat petroleum-contaminated water sources has become the current technological development. The main purpose of this article is to analyze the current common treatment methods for petroleum-contaminated water sources, and to briefly analyze some new treatment methods.


Petroleum, Polluted Water Source, Water Treatment