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Research on energy saving application of small high-rise office building in BIM model

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.017


Lujian Huang

Corresponding Author

Lujian Huang


In recent years, both urban and rural buildings and newly built buildings are mostly high energy consumption. According to big data statistics, the area of construction completed in one year in our country is far more than that of all the relatively developed countries in one year. Global warming, the role of air conditioning has attracted people's attention, for the hot summer, the problem of excessive electricity is becoming more serious. However, for the cold winter, the heating consumption of urban buildings becomes the most important part of high energy consumption of buildings in China. On the current situation, the building energy-saving publicity is far from reaching the need for rapid development. The general buildings follow the original ecological construction plan and technical means, and the construction works are not re-calculated and designed. We need to judge its energy-saving design, economic design and green design. Old-fashioned 2D software relies solely on the manual input of professionals to deliver relevant building data to professional software systems for analysis and utilization. Professional data are plentiful and input-intensive, so architects are more eager for efficient energy analysis and building simulations, and then building solutions. With the information technology of high-end industry constantly intelligentized, BIM technology as the main information, 3D types and other construction software level tends to be perfect. In order to design more green buildings and optimize the energy analysis structure, the high energy consumption of building solar energy and air conditioning system based on BIM is analyzed and studied with the model of an office building in Hunan area.


BIM Model, Small High-Rise Buildings, Office Buildings, Energy-Saving Applications