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Unified Analysis and Dynamic Model of the Joint Allocation of Cultivated Land and Ecological Land

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.014


Chen Shiyin

Corresponding Author

Chen Shiyin


Cultivated land is the material basis and condition for human survival and development. Ecological land is an important guarantee to maintain ecological balance and meet people's yearning for a good ecological environment and a good life. With the increase of population and the need of social and economic development, the cultivated land resources are becoming increasingly tense. Unreasonable farming is an important reason for the degradation of cultivated land, which not only seriously affects the effective supply of food, but also brings great pressure on the environment. As a heavy industry base in China, it is still early to use sewage for farmland irrigation, which makes the heavy metal content of farmland in sewage irrigation area exceed the standard and seriously threatens the food security. It is of great significance to scientifically promote the rotation system of polluted farmland, promote the ecological restoration of farmland through the conversion of farmland and ecological land, and ensure the sustainable utilization of land resources.


Cultivated Land, Ecological Land, System Dynamics