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Research on Water Conservancy Project and Water Resources Protection Based on Ecological Development

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.012


Zhang Xiao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xiao


With the deepening of economic globalization, the diversity and complexity of economic exchanges in various countries are gradually highlighted, and the focus of our country in the direction of economic construction and economic development has gradually shifted to the construction and development of market economy. How to promote our country's ecological environment work in the process of market economy construction is the key link of our country's present ecological environment construction. At the 19th National People's Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward "never forget the original ideals and aspirations, only to complete the mission" for the current ecological environment construction of our country put forward constructive and leading suggestions, pointed out the form and direction of ecological environment construction in our country.


Water Conservancy Project, Ecological Security, Soil and Water Conservation