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Effect of Edta on the Growth and Cadmium Accumulation of Orychophragmus Violaceus

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.008


Xiaoai Zhang, Mingyang Li, Weipeng Kong, Liping Liu, Xingteng Wang, Weixin Wang, Yuerong Liu, Jing Liu, Qunxian Deng, and Zhihui Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoai Zhang


In this paper, a pot experiment was conducted to study the effect of EDTA on the growth and cadmium accumulation of Orychophragmus violaceus. The results showed that the plant height, the dry weight of the overground part, the chlorophyll content, the root activity and the malondialdehyde content of Orychophragmus violaceus of the experimental group were significantly different from those of the control group. When the concentration was 3.0 mmol • kg-1EDTA, the cadmium content in the overground part of Orychophragmus violaceus was the highest. The average value was 96.21 μg • g-1, which was 396.62% higher than that of the control group. It had a significant effect on the growth of Orychophragmus violaceus, and it could improve the accumulation of cadmium in the overground part with the best effect.


Cadmium, Orychophragmus violaceus, Phytoremediation technology, Edta