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Application of Information Technology in Soil Testing and Formula Fertilization

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DOI: 10.25236/iaeec.2020.002


Lin Li, Zhao Li

Corresponding Author

Zhao Li


This paper discussed the characteristic of information technology applied on soil nutrient man-agement and fertilizing technology in occident, analyzed the requests of soil determination and prescription fertilization for information technology and it developing trend in china, pointed out the requests, tasks and content so information processing in it at present in our country and analyzed the existing problems agriculture technology extension station in counties. The application of information technology in soil determination and prescription fertilization was mainly concluded as follow. (1) applying the data base technology and GIS, and processing the data about soil and fertilizer and the maps connected according to the standard, to establish the attribute database and space database, and management system. (2) using GIS database, combining the application, to establish application system such as tilth estimate system applying decision system. (3) utilizing network technology to realize database sharing and long-distance applying decision on web.


Soil, Fertilizer, Prescription fertilization, Information technology