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Fluidization Characteristics of Nanoparticles With High Packing Capacity

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.039


Jun Li

Corresponding Author

Jun Li


In this paper, the minimum fluidization velocity of nanoparticles was measured on the basis of high packing volume, the effects of fluidization velocity and initial bed height on fluidization characteristics of nanoparticles were studied from the perspectives of macroscopic phenomena and microscopic characteristics by comparing fluidization height, local pressure drop, agglomeration particle size, voidage and other parameters. The results show that the bottom material is not completely fluidized under high packing quantity, and the determination results of the minimum fluidization velocity are different from previous studies. Secondly, with the increase of fluidization wind speed and initial bed height, the drag force between gas and solid increases, the degree of fluidization turbulence increases, the fluidization height and local pressure drop both increase, and the growth process of agglomeration is accelerated, and the particle size of agglomeration increases.


Nanoparticle, Fluidization, High Packing, Fluidized Velocity, Initial Bed Height