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Research on Application of Bim Technology in Precast Concrete Structure Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.037


Minmin Zhu, Jinghong Wu, Lingtao Xia, Lili Xu

Corresponding Author

Minmin Zhu


In recent years, the industrialization system of our country has been gradually improved, and the application of computer technology and information technology in engineering construction has become more and more extensive. As a modern technology based on database and 3D model simulation, BIM technology is very valuable in the popular prefabricated concrete engineering nowadays. This paper briefly expounds the concepts of bim technology and pre-fabricated concrete structure, and then finds out the related application of bim technology, which has the advantages of improving efficiency, reducing cost, promoting the integration of design work and providing management supervision basis. Finally, the practical application of bim technology in prefabricated concrete structure design is studied from the angle of household design, graphic design, facade design and combination design.


BIM Technology, Prefabricated Concrete, Structural Design