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Seismic Performance of Column Joints with Restorable Functional Assembly Type Beam Column

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.033


Hemin Liu

Corresponding Author

Hemin Liu


The prefabricated column-column joint with recoverable function combines the advantages of assembly structure and section steel concrete structure, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and large stiffness, remarkable seismic and fire resistance, and good overall stability of the structure. In order to promote the assembly-type beam-column structure and improve the seismic performance of the assembly-type beam-column-column joints, this paper analyzes and studies the characteristics, methods and structures of the joint joints, and then popularizes the seismic performance and the assembly-type structure of the functional-assembled-column-column-column joints, which also provides a theoretical reference for the development of the assembly-type steel-concrete structures in China.


Recoverable, Assembly Type, Beam Column, Seismic Resistance