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Optimization Effect Analysis of Large-scale Building Engineering Based on Building Information Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.027


Shaokun Wang

Corresponding Author

Shaokun Wang


In recent years, the rapid development of social economy in our country, all kinds of emerging technologies are applied in various industries, which has promoted the industrial upgrading and social progress in an all-round way. In the construction engineering industry, the application of building information model technology is more and more extensive, and this kind of technology has made an important contribution to the management and upgrading of large-scale construction projects. This paper firstly expounds the concept and characteristics of building information model technology, then analyzes the difficult problems faced by the construction management of large-scale construction projects, and finally analyzes the optimization effect of large-scale construction projects based on building information model, hoping to provide reference for the reform and development of related industries.


BIM, Building Information Model, Building Engineering