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Plant Landscaping Techniques in Rural Landscape Design in Western Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.024


Xueyang Li, Xiaozhao Cao

Corresponding Author

Xiaozhao Cao


The present is an important period to build a beautiful china, we should not only have material civilization and spiritual civilization, but also have ecological civilization to construct a harmonious symbiotic relationship between man and nature. In the rural areas of western Sichuan, we should know how to adapt to local conditions and combine the local advantages to create a landscape full of artistic vitality to make the whole people live in a more natural environment. Relevant designers should seriously learn the corresponding plant landscape techniques, plant decoration landscape. In the process of decoration, innovation and environmental friendliness should be highlighted, while highlighting the advantages of technology, the impact on the environment should be minimized.


West Sichuan Village, Greening Design, Plant Landscape, Art Technique, Impact Analysis