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Study on the Construction Planning of Liangshan Yi Characteristic Villages and Towns Based on Regional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.015


Yaoyao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yaoyao Zhang


Liangshan Yi area in Sichuan province is the largest Yi people settlement in China, whose distinctive villages and towns, traditional architecture and folk culture all have obvious national and local features. With the propulsion of the construction of the distinctive villages and towns of the Liangshan Yi nationality, a new settlement layout and building types have been gradually formed, which brings unavoidable challenges to the traditional settlement space and architectural context of the Yi nationality in Liangshan.For example, the indigenous activity space was disrupted, and the associated traditional cultural conventions were weakened; Traditional dwelling buildings were torn down and replaced with new brick - concrete buildings.For the series of issues, this paper focuses on the analysis of the traditional architecture and settlement space of the Yi characteristic villages and towns in Liangshan from the perspective of regional culture,which puts forward that it is necessary to inherit and innovate traditional culture in the construction of Liangshan Yi characteristic villages and towns by means of rational planning to perfect spatial layout. In this way, the living environment of residents can be improved and the Liangshan Yi distinctive villages and towns can be created.


Liangshan yi nationality, Traditional architecture, Regional culture