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Research on Design and Selection of Large-Span Steel Structure Based on Performance Environment and Its System Optimization

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.014


Zhen Zhou, Linglong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhen Zhou


Large-span steel structures can be attributed to the large deformation instability from system to component to node. The safety control indicators include two aspects of bearing capacity and deformation capacity. Current domestic steel structures and related design codes for large-span steel structures the system and node performance and safety control indicators lack system regulations. Starting from the practice of large-span steel structure engineering design and combining experimental research, through calculation and analysis considering geometric nonlinearity and material nonlinearity, the full process curves of load-stress, load-strain, and load-displacement of systems, components, and nodes are obtained Based on the analysis of the ductile bearing capacity and deformation capacity, the elastic, elastoplastic bearing capacity, deformation capacity control indicators of large-span steel structure systems and nodes are proposed, and the performance-based design method of large-span steel structures is proposed.


Large-span steel structure, Peformance envionment, System optimazation