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Discussion on Construction Management and Progress Control of Building Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.011


Wei Xi, Zicheng Zhang, Bing Zhou

Corresponding Author

Bing Zhou


As the number and scale of construction projects in China continue to increase, the construction period is required to become shorter and shorter. The progress control of construction projects, as an important part of project management, will directly determine whether the project itself can be successfully constructed, which is related to the construction unit's Reputation and benefits. Effective control of engineering progress is an important guarantee for improving the management level of engineering projects, saving engineering investment costs, and shortening the construction cycle. The level of project progress control is directly related to the efficiency and cost control level of the construction unit. To achieve the progress control target, the project needs to establish an effective control system to ensure it, take reliable measures, cultivate a project culture that is consistent with the actual project, and improve management. Executive power. Therefore, the exploration and research of construction progress control of construction projects is of great significance to both the construction unit and the construction unit.


Construction management, Building engineering, Process control