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Study on Energy Conservation of Urban Buildings and Green Development Strategy in Lanzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.010


Yang Linping, Liu Hao

Corresponding Author

Yang Linping


With the continuous development of modernization and industrialization, human beings are facing social problems such as environmental pollution and resource shortage, and the concept of sustainable development has emerged. With the deepening of people's concept of environmental protection and ecological knowledge, sustainable development has become the primary issue of economic and construction development. In recent years, in the context of sustainable development, green buildings are gradually known by people. Lanzhou has also increased the development of green buildings. Various reconstruction projects of old buildings have improved the appearance of Lanzhou, as well as the utilization efficiency of solar energy, wind energy and other green energy.


Lanzhou, Urban building energy conservation, Sustainable development, Green development strategy, Policy interpretation