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Study on the Construction Period Risk of Long-Span Bridge

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.009


Xiuyong Ni

Corresponding Author

Xiuyong Ni


Risk is the uncertainty of things, and risk management is to take certain measures based on risk research to develop things to the beneficial side. Risk research is the use of statistical methods to deal with a large number of seemingly independent incidents, in-depth investigation of the cause of the event, scientific prediction of the probability and consequences of the event. Bridges are an important part of traffic, but the construction of bridges, especially large bridges, is often under complex geological conditions, and the bridges themselves are large in scale, long in construction period, complex in internal structures, and difficult to construct. These characteristics Decided that there must be risk factors in the bridge construction stage. Engineering experience confirms that the risk in the bridge construction phase is far greater than the risk in the bridge use phase, especially for long-span bridges, so risk management runs through the entire process of bridge construction.


The long-span bridge, Construction management, Period risk