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Research on Sequentially Controlled Hot Runner Injection Molding for Led Tv Rear Panel

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.007


Qiuli Li, Yan Li, Hailin Li, Hui Luo, Yonghao Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yan Li


The traditional injection molding method for large-scale thin-shell plastic parts is realized by multi-gate hot runner technology. Due to the simultaneous injection of multiple points, defects such as bubbles, shrink marks, and more weld marks on the product are likely to affect the appearance of the plastic part. Quality, strength and effect of subsequent painting. This article takes LED TV rear panel products as an example, and uses CAE mold flow analysis technology and hot runner sequence control technology to optimize the injection molding process and mold through the three steps of process condition presetting, molding scheme analysis and estimation, and test mold verification. Design, the purpose of obtaining good plastic parts. It provides an efficient and stable injection molding process method for the development of such large-sized, thin-shelled, and high-demand product products to solve and improve their molding defects.


Cae, Injection molding, Hot runner technology, Sequence control, Svg