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Research on Construction Technology Control of Concrete Permeable Pavement in Sponge City Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.006


Zhao Junjie, Zhu Yuanli

Corresponding Author

Zhao Junjie


Resilient adaptation is the characteristic of sponge city, which has good resilience in adapting to environmental changes and coping with natural disasters caused by rain. Based on the construction concept of sponge city and utilizing the new construction technology of concrete permeable pavement, this paper points out the key points of the construction technology for the non-motorized lane construction of an east-west urban road engineering section in the core of a sponge city pilot area, in order to provide reference for improving the construction quality of sponge city construction.


Concrete permeable pavement construction technology, non-motorized lanes, sponge city