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Analysis on Preparation and Properties of Waterborne Epoxy Emulsified Asphalt Mixture

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.004


Jianguo Sun, Yujie Chen, Hongyan Yin, Qiuyun Wang

Corresponding Author

Jianguo Sun


Asphalt Pavement Construction and Maintenance At Normal Temperature is One of the Key Research and Development Directions in Highway Construction. the Development and Application of Emulsified Asphalt Mixture for Pavement Not Only Conform to the Development Trend of Asphalt Pavement Technology, But Also Conform to the Requirements of National Environmental Protection. the Traditional Asphalt Mixture is Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixture, Which Uses Viscous Asphalt as Binder, and Needs to Heat Asphalt and Aggregate to a High Enough Temperature Before Mixing. This Not Only Consumes and Wastes a Large Amount of Energy and Produces Various Wastes That Pollute the Environment, But Also Seriously Damages the Health of Constructors. Water-Based Epoxy Resin Can Be Cured At Room Temperature or in a Humid Environment. It Has the Characteristics of Safety, Environmental Protection and Low Cost. Compared with the Performance of Hot-Mixed Asphalt Mixtures, Water-Based Epoxy Resin Modified Emulsified Asphalt Mixtures Have Superior High-Temperature Performance, Insufficient Low-Temperature Performance and Fatigue Performance, and Basically Maintain Consistent Water Stability. Based on This, the Preparation and Performance of Water-Based Epoxy Emulsified Asphalt Mixtures Are Discussed in This Paper.


Asphalt, Waterborne Epoxy, Emulsification, Preparation