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Exploring the Influence of Landscape Architecture Design on the Reduction of Atmospheric Pollution

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DOI: 10.25236/iccemc.2020.003


Yanrong Bai

Corresponding Author

Yanrong Bai


with the Rapid Development of the Economy, China's Urbanization Process Has Been Accelerating, and Energy Consumption Has Also Increased Rapidly. Many Cities Have Serious Air Pollution and Degraded Air Quality. Air Pollution Affects the Health of Urban Residents and the Development of Cities. in Order to Protect the Quality of the Ecological Environment, the Chinese Government Has Implemented Many Planning Initiatives, But the Air Quality of China's Cities is Still Not Optimistic. According to the Landscape Garden Plant to Reduce the Air Pollution, This Paper Analyzes the Landscape Layout Design from the Landscape Garden Layout to the Reduction of Atmospheric Physical Pollutants, the Reduction of Chemical Harmful Gas Pollutants, and the Reduction of Atmospheric Biological Pollutants.


Landscape Garden, Layout Design, Air Pollution