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On the Relationship Among Mineralogy, Petrology and Gemology of Jadeite

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.047


Zhongxiang Zhao, Wan Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhongxiang Zhao


In China's gem industry, jadeite means Myanmar Jadeite. Because the jadeite in Myanmar comes from Yunnan and Myanmar, some older generations of the gem industry call it "runjed". In mineralogy and petrology books, the words "Emerald" and "growing Emerald" are rarely used. In the middle of Qing Dynasty, Jedi and Burmese warriors were used as synonyms. Almost all jadeite produced in Myanmar is not jadeite. At that time, mineralogy and petrology were in their infancy, so it was impossible to clearly understand the nature of jadeite. With the development of mineralogy, jadeite has been identified as the dominant mineral of jadeite. Since then, jadeite and jadeite have become synonymous with many Chinese works and dictionaries. In 1984, some dark green parts of Emerald "Green Di" were found. As we know, emerald cannot be used synonymously with berries. Emerald is a kind of berry. Rock is not a mineral but a collection of rock minerals. Therefore, from the petrological point of view, there is a "jayit" among the "avant-garde" that belongs to the origin of baozi. Opinions differ. According to the author, jadeite can be defined as "ajdeitite with gem value". More generally, according to "jadeness", jadeite is called jadeite. Here, jadeite is defined more closely from the perspectives of mineralogy, petrology and Gemmology. In order to study jadeite in depth, we need to learn three aspects of knowledge comprehensively. China is Jade's hometown. Jadeite research, thanks and carving technology, leading the world. The word "jadeite" comes from Chinese. This is the most widely used in the world. It has long been established as the lingua brand of gemstone industry in accordance with international naming rules. It doesn't need to accommodate those foreign languages, jadeite is not fully understood.


Jadeite, Mineralogy, Petrology, Gemmology