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A study on Abnormal Movement Mode of Spasm After Release Shock Wave Intervention Stroke

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.039


Haitao Pei, Songjun Tang, Rong Liu, Yuanyuan Wu, Liyi Song, Yingna Dai, Jian Meng, Xiaoqi Cai, Lijun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Songjun Tang


Most stroke patients will have significant abnormal movement of spasms, such as lower leg triceps spasm, which can have a serious adverse effect on the physiological life movement of patients. After clinical treatment, it can be seen that the use of release shock wave intervention treatment, can effectively alleviate the poststroke spasm a movement, is a very good adjuvant treatment program. In this paper, the biological characteristics of shock wave and its related medical mechanism are analyzed and studied.


Release Type, Shock Wave, Stroke, Spasm, Abnormal Movement