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The Protective Effect of extracts from Dioscorea Macrophylla on PC12 cell Injury Induced by Aβ 25-35

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.036


Mo Xiaoning, Tan Jinghan, Cai Jinyuan, Sun Song

Corresponding Author

Cai Jinyuan


Objective To study the protective effect and mechanism of PC12 cell injury induced by Aβ25 - 35. Methods: in order to screen out the effective protective concentration of Aβ25 - 35 induced PC12 cell injury, MTT method was used to detect the apoptosis rate of PC12 cell induced by Aβ25 - 35 by flow cytometry. In order to test the effect of Dioscorea macrophylla on the activity of cholinergic receptor induced by Aβ25 - 35 in PC12 cells, the matching elements were used to test the effect. Results: MTT showed that 2 × 10-3μmol / L of chrysanthemum and estradiol and 2 × 10-3μmol / L of estradiol significantly blocked the apoptosis of PC12 cells induced by Aβ25 - 35, and the activities of acetylcholine and acetylcholine transferase increased. Moreover, the activity of acetylcholine sterase (P < 0.05) was decreased, and the difference was statistically insignificant (P > 0.05). Conclusion: Jack leaf can increase the content of ACH and hybrid, reduce the content of ACH, regulate the activity of related enzymes in the action of line, and play a defensive role in PC12 cells induced by Aβ25 - 35.


Dioscorea Macrophylla, Aβ25-35, PC12 Cells, Cholinergic System