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Preparation, characterization and application of duck 's egg white alkali - induced gel

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.034


Yao Li, Jiang Aimin, Liu Zhijun, Di Wei, Li Yongjun

Corresponding Author

Yao Li


In recent years, as a natural polymer, silk fabric has low biodegradability, excellent mechanical and processing properties, good biological adaptability and so on, especially in various fields. "Polyurethane is considered to be a substitute for natural materials and is gradually used in biomedical field due to its protein structure." In terms of performance, the widely tunable properties of capacitors and polyurethane materials enable the existing hydrogel materials to have slower pH response and lower mechanical strength defects. These materials are supported by researchers wishing to prepare suitable biomedical materials. Hydrogels can be applied in the field of drug loading and drug release to produce better pH stimulation response and better mechanical properties. The bromine / polyamine (SF / PU) hydrogels were prepared. The kinetics of water expansion and expansion of hydrogels is discussed. The drug release and drug release characteristics are discussed. It provides a theoretical and experimental basis for the application of SF / PU hydrogels in pharmaceuticals.


Duck 's Egg White Alkali, Gel Preparation, Characterization