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Effects of Comprehensive Nursing Based on Feed forward Control Concept on Postoperative Fma and Sf-36 Levels in Patients with Femoral Intertrochanteric Fractures

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.025


Lihui Hu, Dandan Fan, Shuqin Song, Yidi Liu, Sisi Tian, Aiping Zhang, Jina Jiang, Yuanyuan Li, Na Zhang

Corresponding Author

Na Zhang


The purpose of this study is to verify the effect of comprehensive nursing based on the concept of feedforward control on postoperative FMA and SF-36 levels in patients with intertrochanteric fractures. Patients in the control group received routine nursing, including preoperative routine education and nursing assessment. Patients in the observation group received comprehensive nursing based on the feedforward control concept. The SAS score scale and SDS score scale was used to evaluate and compare the two groups of patients. Anxiety and depression before and after; compare the changes of FMA score and SF-36 level before and after surgery in the two groups. The two indicators are out of 100 points. Applying interventions based on the concept of feedforward control to patients with comminuted femoral intertrochanteric fractures can significantly improve clinical efficacy, the incidence of postoperative complications, and the degree of negative emotions, and improve patients' daily lives and skin Motor function, quality of life and satisfaction are worthy of clinical promotion and application.


Feedforward control concept, Nursing, Immobilization, Comminuted femoral intertrochanteric fracture, Fma, Sf-36