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Study on Extraction Process of Anthocyanins from Mulberry

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.007


Fang Liu, Qingqing Shen, Honghui Chen, Li Gou, Jie Cao

Corresponding Author

Fang Liu


Anthocyanin was extracted from mulberry with Wenshan tea mulberry as raw material by ultrasonic extraction. The effects of extraction time, solid-liquid ratio, ethanol volume fraction and hydrochloric acid volume fraction on the extraction rate of anthocyanins of mulberry were investigated by single factor and orthogonal experiments. The experimental results show that the extraction time is 15 minutes, the ratio of material to liquid is 1: 5 (g / ml), the volume fraction of ethanol is 70%, and the volume fraction of HCl is 0.5%. Under these conditions, the extraction content of anthocyanins was 2.43 mg / g, which provided a reference basis for the large-scale development and utilization of anthocyanins from mulberry.


Mulberry, Ultrasonic extraction, Ph differential method, Orthogonal test