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Review of research on early-onset depression

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2020.003


Jiayin Meng

Corresponding Author

Jiayin Meng


Early-onset depression severely affects the growth of children and adolescents and disrupts normal family life and society. There is a big difference between early-onset depression and adult depression, which is reflected in the onset characteristics, drug treatment, and neurological response. Early-onset depression is caused by a combination of social, family, and individual factors. The effective way to treat early-onset depression is to establish a model to improve the brain mechanism of early-onset depression, develop effective drug treatment, psychological intervention technology, and prevent early-onset depression. The method is to build a safe and close family relationship, harmonious and healthy Living atmosphere, through the promotion of early-onset depression, improve people's cognitive level.


Early-onset depression, Depression