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Research on the Effectiveness,Problems and Improvement Strategies of Social Organizations in Targeted Poverty Alleviation-Take Zhuzhou City as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.218


Tao Li, Lihang Dai, Ying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Tao Li


Social power is an important part of targeted poverty alleviation. Social organizations play an important role in the poverty alleviation system jointly constructed by the government, the market, and society. In the practice of social organizations participating in poverty alleviation, the participation efficiency of social forces is not high, and the insufficient cooperation between government and social forces is the main problem. In Zhuzhou City's poverty alleviation practice, the Zhuzhou model of "party-led and social-led" was created, and the power of social organizations was firstly used to achieve comprehensive poverty alleviation across the country. The typical experience is worth studying and learning.


Social organization, Targeted poverty alleviation, Zhuzhou model