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A Study of the Influence of the Cultural Differences between Britain and the United States on the Criticism of English and American Language and Literature Based on Constructivism

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2020.217


Lingjun Du

Corresponding Author

Lingjun Du


With the progress of the times, international cultural exchanges become more frequent, and culture is the soul of the existence and development of a country and nation. Different countries or regions have their own unique cultures, which leads to great differences in language and culture. As a result, when people in different countries or regions evaluate the same literary work, they will also have different cultures. Comment effect. And constructing a corpus of English and American literature based on constructivist learning theory can be used in teaching to analyze some typical literary models to achieve the purpose of improving literature and language accomplishment.


Constructivism, cultural differences between Britain and America, comments on British and American Literature