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Magnetically Monitored Resonant Points of the Capacitance in Trilayer Composite TDF/PZT/FDF

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.145


Jiansen Gao, and Ning Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jiansen Gao


Layered composite ferromagnet/piezoelectric /ferromagnet was fabricated. And its magneto-capacitance effect was studied. A few formants were discovered on the curves of frequency dependent capacitance. The formants were observed to shift with changing magnetic field, suggesting that resonant frequencies depend on the features of the magnetostriction of the ferromagnet. Giant magneto-capacitance effects were obtained near the resonant points under a magnetic field less than 1 kOe. Theoretical analysis showed that such magnetically tuned capacitance comes from the piezomagnetic effect of the ferromagnetic phase in the composite by means of the interfacial coupling.


Laminate composite, magnetoelectric coupling, magneto-capacitance effects