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Integrated Status Monitoring System for Ring Cabinet

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.143


Yang Sen, Yao Zheng, Gao Shan, Li Lin, Li Xueyan, Zheng Xiaohu, Zhou Jinghua, Kang Jun, Hu Yang, Wang Qinghao, Liu Xianfeng, and Chen Fenghang

Corresponding Author

Yang Sen


In view of the frequent equipment failures caused by the heavy use of the distribution network ring cabinet, it is urgent to put forward the comprehensive state monitoring system of the distribution network ring cabinet. Timely find equipment insulation, condensation, local discharge, overheating and other defects. The system is equipped with real-time monitoring of the operating environment of the ring cabinet, the firefighting situation, the temperature of the heating parts, the working status of insulation parts, the intrusion behavior, etc., and the control of the temperature and humidity in the ring cabinet, the status information of the ring cabinet is transmitted to the rear monitoring platform, so as to facilitate the unified maintenance and management of the operation and maintenance personnel.


Distribution network, ring cabinet, passive sensor, integrated state monitoring system