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Discussion on the New Battery System of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.142


Li Junming, Su Hainan, Cao Shibing, Yu Xin, Yang Sen, Xie Hongxu, Fu Hai, and Si Hongxiao

Corresponding Author

Li Junmin


Battery is an important part of the DC power supply system in the power supply system. As a DC power supply, it is mainly responsible for providing safe, stable and reliable power guarantee for the secondary system load in the power system to ensure the normal operation of relay protection and communication equipment. Therefore, the stability of the battery and the actual capacity that can be provided to the load in the discharge process are very important to ensure the safe operation of the power equipment.


Energy saving, environmental protection materials, online monitoring and management system, iron phosphate lithium battery