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Analysis of the Spread of the University Brand in the "Internet +" Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.070


Liang Rui, Kseniia Blumska, Song Feiqiong

Corresponding Author

Liang Rui


The popularization of university education, the transformation and marketization of universities have intensified the competition among universities, how to carry out effective university brand marketing, and the spread of university brands. The "Internet +" era is both an opportunity and a challenge to brand marketing. By understanding the university brand and analyzing the characteristics of the university brand, the "Internet +" era background, analyzing the communication methods of the "Internet +" era university brand, "Internet +" era university, this paper aims to provide a theoretical support for the university brand to establish a good brand image, expand its popularity, improve its reputation, and gain competitive advantage.


"Internet +" era; University brand; Communication