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What Prompt You to Submit Your Resume? An Empirical Study

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.062


Liang Yang, Liangqiang Li, Lu Liu, Miyan Liao, Yunzhong Cao, Xiaolin Li

Corresponding Author

Liangqiang Li


The rapid development of the internet has greatly enriched the methods of company recruitment and improved the efficiency of company recruitment. From the perspective of the third-party online recruitment website, we apply conceptual framework of information quality to explore the factors that influence job-seekers' resume delivery from two aspects: company information and job information. The data for research is obtained results of the study indicate that job-seekers’ intentional behavior will be influenced by company (e.g., scale, feedback, day, etc.) and job (e.g. number of recruitments, experience requirements) information in the process of online recruitment. The research results of this paper can not only enrich the application of concept of information quality in online recruitment, but also help improve third-party recruitment websites and optimize the recruitment strategies of a company.


Online recruitment; Information quality; Recruitment website; Resume delivery