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Research on the Assistant Driving System Based on Automobile Safety

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.059


Lijiao Liu, Hongyang Lu, Yanyun Weng, Ya Gao1, , and Yuan Yu

Corresponding Author

Lijiao Liu


With the application of traffic safety to improve the level of attention and intelligent transportation system on the vehicle, a lot of vehicle driving safety assistant systems are put into use in the vehicle. Researching on road traffic safety protection technology based on intelligent transportation system is particularly urgent. Vehicle driving safety assistant system includes the driver monitoring warning system, collision avoidance system, cruise control system, the driver vision enhancement system. Installing vehicle driving safety assistant system is helpful to improve traffic safety. The use of information perception, dynamic identification, active safety control technology and method of improving the vehicle is one of the main research contents of ITS.


ITS; Vehicle driving safety assistant system; Driving safety