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Research on the Realization Path of Social Commerce Consumption Poverty Alleviation Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.057


Xiaolin Li, Jiali Cai, Yunzhong Cao, Liangqiang Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaolin Li


In the context of the rural revitalization strategy, targeted poverty alleviation is essential and has become a research upsurge among scholars at home and abroad. What kind of poverty alleviation mode and how to effectively realize poverty alleviation in poor areas is the research focus of targeted poverty alleviation. With the development and reform of Internet and e-commerce, the poverty alleviation mode is constantly explored and innovated. However, most of the previous studies focused on the traditional e-commerce mode of poverty alleviation, and few studied on the social commerce consumption poverty alleviation mode. Therefore, combining the present situation of poverty alleviation, this research explores the realization path of social commerce consumption poverty alleviation mode, and studies how the economic development of poverty-stricken areas can be effectively driven under the poverty alleviation mode, so as to realize the rural revitalization. Finally, the conclusion is drawn that the social commerce consumption poverty alleviation mode has a significant effect on promoting targeted poverty alleviation. This study provides a useful reference for the work of poverty alleviation in the context of rural revitalization strategy, and provides feasible suggestions for relevant departments.


Rural revitalization; Targeted poverty alleviation; Social commerce; Consumption poverty alleviation; Realization path