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Knowledge Mapping of Stakeholder Relationship Research in Construction Project − A Visual Analysis Using CiteSpace

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.055


Yang Yingnan, Yuan Lin, Zhang Yidan, Ma Yuandong

Corresponding Author

Yang Yingnan


The last decade has witnessed rapid development in the literature on stakeholder relationship, however, there have been few attempts to map the research in this domain. To identify the trends in stakeholder relationship research, CiteSpace, a tool for visualizing patterns and trends in scientific literature, was used. Papers were selected from 18 authoritative journals via the core of Web of Science. The aim of this paper is to draw up the knowledge mapping of stakeholder relationship research, reflect the research focus and hot topics of this domain, show the evolution of the knowledge structure and detect emerging trends. We present all research focuses in a scientometric way and arrive at the following findings. First, five clusters were derived from the co-cited references network of stakeholder relationship, including stakeholder concern, BIM, 4D CAD, Hydropower Engineering and Review. Second, the existing research of stakeholder relationship focus primarily on the factors that impact the stakeholder relationship such as technology, management methods, laws, and how the stakeholder relationship such as conflict or cooperation impact the construction projects.


Construction projects; stakeholder relationship; CiteSpace; cluster analysis