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Research on the Influence of Individual Household Consumption Credit on Consumption Behavior-- Empirical Analysis Based on CHFS Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.053


Siqi Li, Zhengxuan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Zhengxuan Zhu


Consumer credit generally refers to the loans provided by commercial Banks or other types of financial institutions to consumers for their daily expenditure, purchase of household appliances, furniture, electronic products and even personal or children's development and other daily consumption. In recent years, consumer credit in our country gradually popularization, its role of promoting consumption and drive economic growth increasingly significant, but our country consumer credit as a share of GDP is still low, is not match with the consumption of our country, and for a long time, our country is the main purpose of consumer credit in the field of real estate, therefore, in this paper, we study whether consumer loans affect individual or household consumption behavior, whether this influence there is a difference between urban and rural areas. This article through to the southwest university of finance and China family financial investigation and research center (CHFS) in 2017, the data filter, using the ordinary least squares (OLS) regression, researched on the relation between consumer credit and household consumption behavior, consumer credit on consumer spending does have a positive role in promoting, and there is a difference in town and country, and puts forward some Suggestions on the results of the study.


Individual Household Consumption Credit; Consumption Behavior